Type of Object

Objects of type Sculpture:

Monument to William Ashburnham and Jane, Countess of Marlborough, Ashburnham

Monument to John Ashburnham, Ashburnham

War Memorial, Bexhill on Sea

The Serpolet Sculpture, Bexhill on Sea

Shredded Wheat Big Ben, Bexhill on Sea

Sainsbury's Sculptural Relief, Bexhill on Sea

Sun Sculpture, Bognor Regis

Christ Ascendant, Bognor Regis

Unknown girl sitting, Borde Hill

Kneeling Child, Borde Hill

The Bride, Borde Hill

Welcome to the New Year, Borde Hill

Our Lady of Brede, Brede

John (Mad Jack) Fuller Memorial, Brightling

Statue of a young boy, Brighton

The Dolphin Fountain, Brighton

Sleeping Dragon, Brighton

Statue of Max Miller, Brighton

Tay (Aids memorial), Brighton

Spring and Summer, Brighton

Terracotta Reliefs, Brighton

Twins, Brighton

Monument to Rev. Edward Cullin, Brighton

Winged Victory, Brighton

Victoria Fountain, Brighton

Statue of Sir John Cordy Burrows, Brighton

King and Queen, Brighton

Statue of Queen Victoria, Brighton

Afloat, Brighton

Loaves and Fishes, Brighton

Herald Building Reliefs, Brighton

Royal Sussex Memorial - The Bugler, Brighton

Frankland Memorial, Brighton

Monument to John Frederick Ginnett, Brighton

Statue of Steve Ovett, Brighton

Statue of George IV, Brighton

Passacaglia, Brighton

Captain Pechell Memorial Statue, Brighton

The Kissing Bridge (Edition 2/3), Brighton

Ray family mausoleum, Brighton

Nausicaa, Brighton

The Spirit of Brighton, Brighton

Allied Irish Bank Reliefs, Brighton

Five allegorical statues, Brighton

Statue of Sir Michael Hordern, Brighton

Ceres, Brighton

Bust of Lord Egremont, Brighton

Monument to Edward VII - The Peace Statue, Brighton / Hove

Stone Garden, Burgess Hill

Figure of Stability, Burgess Hill

War Memorial, Buxted

Brutus, Chichester

Cross Theme, Chichester

The Seashore, Chichester

Statue of William Huskisson, Chichester

Minerva, Chichester

Sea Change, Chichester

The Symbol of Discovery, Chichester

The Tree of Life, Chichester

Oedipus, Chichester

Statue of St. Richard, Chichester

Climber, Chichester

Chickens and cockerel, Chichester

Spartacus, Chichester

Fluke, Chichester

Flying figure (actual title unknown), Chichester

Mr Noah Series, Chichester

One Criterion, Chichester

Two Men On A Bench, Chichester

Helping Hand of Justice, Chichester

Moon Tree, Chichester

Pope Joan, Chichester

John Keats, Chichester

Chapel furniture, Chichester

Statue of Sir Patrick Moore, Chichester

Shoreline, Chichester

Mother with Children, Chichester

Christ in Judgement, Chichester

Axis Mundi, Chichester

Three ceramic conical forms, Chichester

The Jefferay Monument, Chiddingly

Millennium Sculpture Garden, Chiddingly

La Primavera, Copthorne

Statue of Alf Pegler, Crawley

Conduit and Continuum, Crawley

Lion, Crawley

The Golden Tree, Crawley

Family Group, Crawley

Flying Spiral, Crawley

Crawley People's Monument, Crawley

Martlets Tree, Crawley

Statue of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Crowborough

Monument to Mary Ann Sergison, Cuckfield

Kennedy War Memorial, Cuckfield

Monument to Captain Percy Burrell, Cuckfield

Monument to Ninian Burrell, Cuckfield

Monument to Charles Sergison, Cuckfield

Monument to Elizabeth Mary Poyntz, Easebourne

Monument to William Stephen Poyntz, Easebourne

Monument to Sir Anthony Browne, Easebourne

Statue of VII Duke of Devonshire, Eastbourne

Taking a Stone for a Walk, Eastbourne

Madonna and Child, Eastbourne

Neptune, Eastbourne

Statue of VIII Duke of Devonshire, Eastbourne

Lushington Memorial, Eastbourne

War Memorial, Eastbourne

Royal Sussex Memorial, Eastbourne

Fuel for the Fossil, Eastbourne

Curling Drinking Fountain, Eastbourne

Eighteen Thousand Tides, Eastbourne

Young at Heart, Eastbourne

John Wesley Woodward - Titanic Memorial, Eastbourne

Tomb of Sir Bernard Eckstein, Fairwarp

Monument to Herminie Beatrice Eckstein, Fairwarp

Tomb of Frederick Gustav Jonathan Eckstein, Fairwarp

Memorial to Lucy and Rebecca Hassell, Fishbourne

Monument to Sir Thomas Selwyn, Friston

Horse, Goodwood

Statue of Douglas Bader, Goodwood

Statue of Mike Hawthorn and Lofty England, Goodwood

Weir Tree, Hastings

Statue of Queen Victoria, Hastings

Hendley's Repose, Hastings

The Spirit of Cricket, Hastings

Lion and Unicorn, Hastings

Jack, Hastings

War Memorial, Hastings

Continuum, Hastings

Logjam, Hastings

Statue of Queen Anne, Hastings

A Family Outing, Haywards Heath

Alec Parks memorial bench, Heathfield

Monument to Thomas, 8th. Lord Dacre and Sir Thomas Fiennes, Herstmonceux

Sculpted pole, Horsham

War Memorial, Horsham

The St. Leonard's Forest Dragon, Horsham

West Sussex County Times Anniversary Sculpture, Horsham

Sungod, Horsham

The Horsham Heritage Sundial, Horsham

Swan Fountain, Horsham

Cosmic Cycle (The Rising Universe), Horsham

Mr. Pirie Sitting on his Donkey Cart, Horsham

Statue of Queen Victoria, Hove

The Juggler, Hove

Fingermaze, Hove

In Our Hands, Hove

Dancing Girl, Hove

County Hall relief, Lewes

The Helmet, Lewes

Cuilfail Spiral, Lewes

Lewes Group, Lewes

War Memorial, Lewes

River Circle, Littlehampton

Seven Deadly Sins, Lynchmere

Martyrs Memorial, Mayfield

Madonna and Child, Midhurst

The Midhurst Handshake, Midhurst

Nesting cormorant, Newhaven

Cormorant, Newhaven

Bridge, Newhaven

The Look Out, Newhaven

Monument to Anne Frewen, Northiam

Female statue holding vase, Patcham

Arethusa, Petworth

Prometheus and Pandora, Petworth

Bust of George O'Brien Wyndham, 3rd Earl Egremont, Petworth

Bust of the 3rd Earl of Egremont, Petworth

Monument to John Johnson, Petworth

Pieta, Petworth

Athleta Britannicus, Petworth

Bust of Sir Joseph Banks, Petworth

Bust of Harriet King, Petworth

Madonna and Child, Petworth

Monument to the Percy Family, Petworth

Pastoral Apollo, Petworth

Seated Venus, Petworth

Bust of George O'Brien Wyndham, 3rd Earl of Egremont, Petworth

The Falconer, Petworth

Bust of General Sir Henry Wyndham, Petworth

Monument to the Earl of Egremont, Petworth

St Michael Overcoming Satan, Petworth

Celadon and Amelia, Petworth

Bust of Lord John Townshend, Petworth

Adonis and the Boar, Petworth

Nymph and Cupid, Petworth

Venus, Vulcan and Cupid, Petworth

Monument to John Henry Robinson R.A., Petworth

The Dream of Horace, Petworth

Bust of the Right Hon. William Huskisson, MP, Petworth

The Diplock Stag, Polegate

Newtimber Giant, Pyecombe

Bust of Virginia Woolf, Rodmell

Driftwood Christ, Rye

The Spirit of Rye, Rye

Monument to Sir George Warrender, Rye

Monument to John Woollett, Rye

Monument to Thomas Procter, Rye

Mary Stanford Memorial, Rye Harbour

Jubilee Drinking Fountain and Millennium Globe, Seaford

Kanagawa, Selsey

Lapwing, Selsey

Lenses, Shoreham-by-Sea

Carved wooden sculptures, Shoreham-by-Sea

Unwinding, Shoreham-by-Sea

Sculptural play features, Shoreham-by-Sea

Barnacle Trees, Shoreham-by-Sea

'Rise of Northwood' Sculpture, Slindon

Madonna and Child, South Harting

War Memorial, South Harting

Harold and Edith, St. Leonards on Sea

James Burton Memorial Drinking Fountain, St. Leonards on Sea

Statue of St Cuthman, Steyning

Venus Reclining on a Sea Monster with Cupid and a Putto, Storrington

Anne Boleyn, Ticehurst

Eos, Ticehurst

Diana the Huntress, Ticehurst

Trisantonis, Wiggonholt

Monument to George John Frederick, 4th Duke of Dorset, Withyham

Monument to John Frederick, 3rd Duke of Dorset, Withyham

Monument to the Hon. Thomas Sackville and the 5th Earl and Countess of Dorset, Withyham

Monument to Arabella, Duchess of Dorset, Withyham

Monument to George John, 5th Earl De La Warr & Elizabeth, Countess De La Warr, Withyham

Crocodiles, Worthing

Octopus, Worthing

Waterwise Sculpture Garden, Worthing

Flobot, Worthing

Three decorative heads, Worthing

Care and Trust, Worthing

Desert Quartet, Worthing

Lie Back and Relax, Worthing

Sior Maschera (Masked Man), Worthing

Penguins, Worthing

The Future - Hope and Compassion, Worthing

Triton Fountain, Worthing

Murmurations, Worthing

Worthing Spiral, Worthing

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