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Memorial to Lucy and Rebecca Hassell

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Author: Anthony McIntosh
Copyright for Photograph:

Creative Commons


Street:Blackboy Lane
Council:Chichester District Council
County:West Sussex
Location on Google Map
Object setting:Public Park
Access is:Public
Location note:Next to Fishbourne Club and Fishbourne Pre-School
In the AZ book:West Sussex
Grid reference:K6
The A-Z books used are A-Z East Sussex and A-Z West Sussex (Editions 1A 2005). Geographers' A-Z Map Company Ltd. Sevenoaks.

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Name : Vincent Gray A.R.B.S.

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General Information

Commissioned by: Eva Parker-Knight and public subscription
Construction period:2007
Installation date:2007
Unveiling date:03/06/2007
Work is:Extant
Owner custodian:Hassell family
Object listing:Not listed
Description:Faces south and north, set into a circular base of broken blue slate and on a grassed area next to a children’s play park. A tall, rectangular inscribed plinth surmounted by a sculpture of two horses’ heads. The heads, back to back are facing in opposite directions with manes streaming behind. The whole piece is coloured in a light and dark blue colour. Set into the slate covered base area are two memorial plaques, one at the base of each of the two inscribed sides of the plinth. Adjacent to the memorial statue is a wooden bench with an inscribed plaque.
Iconographical description:The design was chosen to reflect the two girls’ love of horseriding.
Signatures:Signed underneath the neck of the horse on north side:

Dated underneath the neck of the horse on south side:
Inscription:Carved into the plinth, south side:


Herein are held treasured thoughts
of Beckie and Lucy

Carved into the plinth, north side:


Together in our hearts we remember
two spirits entwined for eternity

Inscribed silver and black coloured plaque in front of the plinth, south side:

two sisters
born 22 May 1993
born 29 June 1990
who were tragically lost in a car accident
15th. October 2005

Inscribed silver and black coloured plaque in front of the plinth, north side:

This sculptured memorial by
Vincent Gray ARBS
was commissioned by
Eva Parker-Knight
and funded by monies raised from a
dance tribute show performed and aided
by Beckie’s and Lucy’s close friends

Inscribed yellow metal plaque to bench adjacent to sculpture:

Beckie and Lucy Hassell
29.06.90 22.05.93
Two very special Angels
Forever in our hearts

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Categories:Free Standing, Commemorative, Funerary, Animal, Sculptural
Object type1:Sculpture
Subject type1:Figurative
     Subject subtype1:Equestrian

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Object Parts

Part 1:Sculpture
     Material:Fibreglass / resin
     Height (cm):63
     Width (cm):64
     Depth (cm):22
Part 2:Plinth
     Material:Fibreglass / resin
     Height (cm):125
     Width (cm):70
     Depth (cm):26

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Object Condition

Overall condition:Good
Risk assessment:No known risk
Date of on-site inspection:09/09/2008

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History:The memorial was unveiled by the Duchess of Richmond. Inside the plinth was placed a time-capsule containing letters, photos and trinkets from friends and family of the two girls.

QUEM DI DILIGUNT ADOLESCENS MORITUR translates as: Whom the gods love dies young.

'Sculpture unveiled in memory of sisters
Published Date: 07 June 2007
A sculpture in memory of Lucy and Rebecca Hassell, who died in a car crash in 2005 was unveiled in Fishbourne on Sunday. It shows two horses going in opposite directions and represents the girls love of horseriding. Friends and family have also taken part in the making of the sculpture by putting letters, photos and trinkets to celebrate the girls in a time capsule which has now been sealed within the memorial. The sculpture was the idea of Eva Knight, a friend of Rebecca, who wanted to celebrate the girls memory with something permanent. Last year she and a group of friends at Bishop Luffa school raised more than £1,000 at a dance show to pay for the sculpture, which was made by Vincent Gray. Around 100 people turned out for the ceremony to light candles and lay roses in memory of Lucy and Rebecca. The sculpture was unveiled by the Duchess of Richmond. Afterwards friends and family gathered in the function room at the Fishbourne Club to celebrate the girls lives. Eva's mother Caroline said: Eva is very grateful to everyone who helped. It was a really lovely occasion, and was a celebration of their life. The sculpture is really beautiful and shows the wind running across the mane of the horse. It shows that although they were separate people they were also united and shows them running free. We like to think of them as riding across the back of the Downs.'

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Source 1 :
     Title:Brighton Argus

Further information:
     Date accessed:16/09/2008

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Author: Anthony McIntosh
Copyright: Creative Commons

Author: Anthony McIntosh
Copyright: Creative Commons

Author: Anthony McIntosh
Copyright: Creative Commons

Author: Anthony McIntosh
Copyright: Creative Commons

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