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Lawrence Holofcener - Biography

(1926-). Born 23 February 1926 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Only became a sculptor late in life with a first exhibition in 1979 at the Gibbes Museum in Charleston, South Carolina. Works include, Chichester Theatre, 'Faces of Olivier'; 'Allies' (portraits of Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt unveiled in 1995 on Bond Street, London by Princess Margaret); Queen Victoria for the Isle of Wight Museum and Coburg, Germany; a life-size bronze of Thomas Paine at Bordentown, NJ; life-size portraits of Thomas Chatterton, William Tyndale and William Penn at Bristol, England. He has had a long career in the arts as a songwriter for musical theatre and an actor. He is also a writer of dictionaries, novels and poetry.

The works of Lawrence Holofcener:

Faces of Olivier, Chichester

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