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Edwin Roscoe Mullins - Biography

(1848--1907) Born in London, he studied at Lambeth School of Art, the RA Schools under Birnie Philip and in Munich under Professor Wagmüller. From 1870 he shared a studio with E.O. Ford (q.v.), producing portraits and ‘fancy’ figure groups, which he exhibited at the Grosvenor and New Galleries, as well as at the RA. He also produced monuments, such as General Barrow (1882), in Lucknow, and several major architectural schemes, including the pediment group on the Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston, (c.1882--93). Work by him in the GAGM collection includes Isaac and Esau (1904). He also wrote a Primer of Sculpture (London, Paris and Melbourne, 1890). Sources: Spielmann, pp.48--50; Read, pp.52--5, 351, 369; Stevenson (n.d.). [G2002]

The works of Edwin Roscoe Mullins:

Monument to John Frederick Ginnett, Brighton

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