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Hamish Black - Biography

(1948-). Hamish Black lives and works in East Sussex. He exhibits his work regularly and is represented in public and private collections in Britain and Europe. Black was born in Braintree, Essex in 1948. He studied at Eastbourne School of Art (1965-67), at North East London Polytechnic (1967-70) and at the Slade School of Art, University college, London (1970-72). Throughout his career Hamish Black has continued to teach part time, he is currently an academic tutor on the Sculpture MA/BA degree course at Wimbledon School of Art. Black's last solo show at the Kapil Jariwala gallery London 1999 sought to achieve a new and vital relationship with paper which was folded, rolled, layered and cut. Some pieces were huge whilst others were of an intimate scale. He endowed them with curious textual beauty. All this involves choices and decisions stimulated by unpredictable impulses on the levels of vision and ideas. Questions of scale, mass, stability, permanence and viewpoint, implicit from the start have to be re-asked as the concept turns into reality. Black speaks of re-inventing as the essential tact. Ideals and ideas, a philosophy that has to do with living as well as making. These are the characteristics which have been transferred into new work using bronze, brass, steel, aluminium and cast iron. (

The works of Hamish Black:

Afloat, Brighton

Bridge, Newhaven

Heathfield Tunnel gates, Heathfield

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