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Trude Bunzl - Biography

(1904-1982). Born Amsterdam 1904, died Wimbledon 3rd December 1982. Trude Bunzl studied medicine with the intention of following in her father's footsteps but appears to have been more interested in music and poetry. She emigrated to England, but is was not until 1958 that she started studying sculpture under Bernard Meadows at Chelsea Art School. She also took courses at St Martin's School of Art and started to show her work at group exhibitions. Solo exhibitions were held in London in 1966, 1971 and 1972, at the Westcott Art Centre in 1967 and in Vienna in 1968. Her subject matter is drawn predominantly from music and poetry. Examples of her work are to be found throughout England, Austria and Israel, the best known perhaps being a Sophocles-inspired Oedipus Rex for Chichester Theatre, a taut and tortured figure more than two metres tall, whose vacant eyes are turned heavenwards. She is also noted for a Head of Moses (inspired by Schoenberg's Moses and Aaron) and Listening to Music a sculpture dedicated to Gustav Mahler.' ('Benezit Dictionary of Artists')

The works of Trude Bunzl:

Oedipus, Chichester

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