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William George Mitchell - Biography

(b.1925) Born in London, he studied art at the Southern College of Art, Portsmouth and at the Royal College of Art where he won a fourth year scholarship (The Abbey Award) which enabled him to study at the British School in Rome. He established the William Mitchell Design Consultants group and produced sculptures in plastics, concrete, wood, marble and brick. He has been a member of the Design Advisory Board, Hammersmith College of Art, and Trent Polytechnic, and is a member of Formwork Advisory Committee and the Concrete Society. He has many pieces throughout the country, including Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral entrance; Three Tuns public house, Coventry (1966). Exhibitions include a joint show held at the Engineering and Building Centre, Broad Street, Birmingham (1967), where he showed three over-life-size figures, The Magi, which were made from Thermalite load-bearing aerated concrete building blocks, produced by Thermalite Ltd, Lea Marston. Sources: ‘Painter’s search for peace’, Birmingham Post, 11 May 1967; Pereira, Dawn, William Mitchell, MA thesis, University of East London, 1998. [WCS2003]

The works of William George Mitchell:

County Hall relief, Lewes

The Spirit of Brighton, Brighton

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