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Edward Alfred Briscoe Drury - Biography

(1856-1944). Born in London, 1856 and died there in 1944. He studied at Oxford School of Art and the National Art Training School. An outstanding student, he was awarded the gold medal for his sculpture in 1879, 1880 and 1881, and then became assistant to Dalou in Paris 1881--5. On his return to London, he worked as an assistant to Boehm. Taught briefly at Wimbledon School of Art 1892--3. Public commissions include figures of Morning and Evening for City Square, Leeds 1898; Peace, Truth and Justice for the War Office, Whitehall, London 1904--5; architectural sculpture for the Victoria and Albert Museum 1908; statue of Joshua Reynolds, Burlington House (Royal Academy) courtyard, London 1932. He produced numerous portrait busts, statuettes and memorials, including Queen Victoria, Bradford 1902. Exhibited at the RA 1885--1945. Awarded a gold medal at the Paris International Exhibition 1900; ARA 1900; RA 1913; Associate of Royal Belgian Academy 1923; RBS silver medal 1932. 1. A.L. Baldry, ‘A notable sculptor: Alfred Drury, ARA’, The Studio, vol.37, February 1906, pp.3--18; 2. M.H. Spielmann, British sculpture and sculptors today, London, 1901, pp.109--15; 3. Beattie, 1983, p.242; 4. E.G. Underwood, A short history of English sculpture, London, 1933.

The works of Edward Alfred Briscoe Drury:

Statue of VIII Duke of Devonshire, Eastbourne

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