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Enzo Plazzotta - Biography

(1921-1981). Born in Mestre, near Venice, Plazzotta studied at the Brera Academy in Milan, where one of his tutors was Giacomo Manzu. He was active in the Partisan movement during the Second World War, and at the end of the war was commissioned to create a statuette as a token for the assistance to the movement given by British Special Forces. This work, entitled The Spirit of Rebellion, showed the young David with the head of Goliath. Plazzotta came to London in connection with this commission, and lived here for the rest of his life. Between 1947 and 1962 he relinquished sculpture, returning to it at first principally as a portraitist. However his main interest was the expression of movement and vitality in human and animal bodies. Dance, and particularly ballet, is a predominant feature of his work, and some of his dance pieces possess special interest as representations of celebrity performers. Plazzotta’s religious and mythological subjects are more sombre in character. He always retained contact with Italy, and in 1967 took a studio in Pietrasanta, from which he was able to supervise the casting of his many bronzes at the Tommasi foundry. Source: D. Buckman, The Dictionary of British Artists Since 1945, Bristol, 1998. [CL2003]

The works of Enzo Plazzotta:

The Helmet, Lewes

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